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Lenovo program for Service Providers

To thrive in the hosting market, you need a competitive edge. The question is how to expand your operation without compromising cash flow, whilst at the same time investing in infrastructure and service delivery capabilities without an immediate return?

Lenovo Service Provider Program (LSPP) has been specifically designed to give Cloud and Managed Service Providers access to leadership technology and innovative means to enable business growth.

Join the program and benefit from:

Highly competitive and predictable framework pricing for Lenovo Data Center products directly from Lenovo distributors

Deferred payment allowing credit-qualified Service Providers to secure revenue from anchor clients before paying for the hardware

Quarterly business development fund to accelerate your time-to-revenue and to further invest into your company’s growth

Couple the above with co-marketing funding offered in partnership with Intel that pays up to 50% cost of your server-focused End User marketing, and you will see how Lenovo has become not only the supplier of the best servers in the market1,2, but is also the most supportive of your business in other exciting ways!

More Information

For more information, download the LSPP flyer: Download

Join the Lenovo Service Provider Program today!

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Complete the application and email the form to [email protected]

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