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Cloud or managed service provider?

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The Lenovo Service Provider Program (LSPP) is designed to give you a competitive edge in the fast-growing managed services market, with highly competitive pricing, deferred payments, a quarterly business development fund, and co-marketing funding.

Improved financial terms in a new, more transparent commercial structure

Bigger opportunities to co-market with Lenovo and use the customer reference program

Dedicated education sessions to help you grow your product and technical knowledge

Simplified processess that help you price and quote sooner

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This program applies to businesses offering Data Center/Infrastructure solutions in the EMEA region only, and is not available for PC partners.

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Deliver stronger services

Your customers want to run modern workloads in modern environments. They don't want the hassle of troubleshooting or managing their IT. That's why they come to you.

If you're a cloud or managed service provider, partnering with Lenovo makes it easier to meet your customers' needs. You can offer a huge portfolio of services designed for providers like you, ranging from 24x7 support to secure asset disposal. So, if there are skills gaps within your business, your partner Lenovo fills them. And you can build your own services on rock-solid Lenovo server infrastructure, ranked #1 for reliability[i] and holder of 242 performance records.[ii]

Grow profitably

Faster customer quoting. Education sessions designed for service providers. A fully transparent commercial structure, with improved financial terms. These are just some of the ways we've enhanced the Lenovo Service Provider Program (LSPP). Why do we run a dedicated program for service providers? Because you're our priority. We do 95% of our business with partners. We help you grow, so we can grow. LSPP also offers access to special pricing and co-marketing funds, exclusive programs like Your Drive, Your Data, co-branded marketing opportunities, and much more.

Have more choice

Partnering with Lenovo doesn't lock you into one vendor or one kind of solution. We give you and your customers more choice. For example, did you know Lenovo XClarity management software is designed to integrate with environments from Microsoft, Nutanix, VMware, and many other technology leaders?

There's even more to being a Lenovo partner

Are you more than a managed service provider?

Well, Lenovo has more to offer too… and you can access it all through the Lenovo Partner Engage program. Click below to learn how you can offer the entire Lenovo portfolio of systems, solutions and services.

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